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Hi! I'm Nikki! I have spent over two decades and a million dollars on personal development to release the self-doubt and start expressing my full potential.

I feel at peace, deliriously happy, and POWERFUL.

Now, I get to support you in aligning with your innate wisdom to express your unique gifts and have the courage to live life by YOUR design!


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Why People Love Waking Up with Nikki

Nikki delivered the exact message I needed to hear to bring peace to my normally chaotic mornings. Her audios gave my day direction and kept me tuned in.

Celina Unkles

Wake up with Nikki Confident is such a profound series. Nikki shares vulnerable stories that allow people to discover their own voice. I just love her madly!

Ami Mailoski

Get recipes that support

blood sugars and food cravings!

About Nikki

Hi! Thanks for wanting to get to know me more! I'm a rare breed. ;) Following "the rules" like marriage and babies or retire at 65 never made sense to me. But nomadic life sure did. By the age of 20, I had traveled through 25 countries. To date... 64. I would move somewhere I had never been and knew no one to experience everything the place had to offer. Then about a year and a half in... the next place would start calling me. I have finally settled in Austin.

It's home. The loving people here have captured my heart!

I also loved exploring my mind. The brain fascinates me! Curiosity about what is happening subconsciously, from programed beliefs to habits that sabotage, led me to deep exploration of ancestral trauma and somatic healing. My dear Mama was the 8th child of a Holocaust survivor. Her pain from not getting her needs met as a child got passed down (unintentionally!) So I got the delightful pleasure of excavating that pain out of my body.

The first half of my life I partied HARD! I just wanted to dance and be free of the inner critic. Simultaneously, I immersed myself in spiritual teachings and went on many quests to experience every healing modality I could get my hands on. From intensive workshops and retreats to success coaches and powerful energy healers around the world, I was determined to stop numbing out, control my reactions to life, and maintain a state of inner peace.

I can honestly say that, on most days, I wake up deliriously happy and deeply grateful that I get to enjoy another day. I have strengthened my innate manifesting capabilities and delight in the ability to ask and receive guidance from my angels (aka source, universe, G-d...) This has led to a profound level of trust (and inner peace) that my life is unfolding in divine perfection.

I now find great joy in shining a light on other people's greatness and supporting them in realizing their power. We are magical beings capable of achieving great feats, as soon as we remove the perceived limitations that have us playing small and staying safe.

I do this through my podcast LEGENDS, where I interview incredible humans on their journey to greatness. We cover the most effective techniques in overcoming the human condition... so that you can express your full potential and create a meaningful happy life!

And I can directly support you in shining your brightest by signing up for one (or all!) of the Wake up with Nikki series. Get ready to elevate your confidence, happiness, and health. Aho!

Why use a Clicker?

The clicker is a powerful subconscious reprogramming tool. Just holding the clicker you are reminded to repeat your mantra. Mantras keep you focussed on what you want to create in your life, instead of fear and doubt.

Clicking after each mantra gives the brain an auditory reward for the new thought or behavior. It triggers a pavlovian response.

The counter gives a visual measurement of success. #TonyRobbins talks of this. This combination of repetition followed by auditory and visual rewards leads to rapid subconscious reprogramming so that the new behavior takes hold sooner!

Finding a balance

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